Version 1.3.1

- Russian language added
- "Berlin Airlift" random event bug fixed.

    Patch to v1.2.2 
        - A tooltip that includes Codename, Type Skill and Experience        
          appears for all agents on the map.

- Agents’ Morale, Loyalty and Skill messages don’t produce a popup. The news still appear on the news page. This decrease the amount of pop up messages that are presented to the user at the end of each turn and makes the game to play faster. The user can still open or close the rest of the pop up messages from the options screen.

- News Options Preferences are now saved automatically so that you don’t need to adjust them every time you run the game.

- Force Pool training button has changed so that the user is not confused if it is ON or OFF.

- The problem with the sort keys when renaming units is now fixed.

- Version number is visible on the main menu screen.

- Improves game's speed and stability.