“Us And Them - Cold War” is a free turn-based strategy game about cold war that you can play either as CIA or KGB.

Although it is a game of territorial expansion, the rivals do not attack their opponent using military force. Instead they use an army of Spies, Assassins and Experts of various kinds (like economy, technology etc.) in order to destabilize the enemy's countries socially, economically, politically and finally to change their governments’ ideology and attach them in their own political block. 

The player will have to manage resources like money, oil and technology. He must place his units strategically on the map and create a series of spy networks waiting for the right moment to unleash a series of sabotages, assassinations, bribes, revolutions, arrests and interrogations of enemy units. Since most of the units are hidden to the enemy, the collection and interception of crucial information about the countries, the units' attributes and their whereabouts is essential for victory.


- Take advantage of great Cold War personalities like Che Guevara, Henry Kissinger, Mao Ze Dong, Fidel Castro the Pope and many many more!

- Research and develop spy gadgets right out of James Bond's laboratories and some famous equipment of real life spies.

- Take part in the historic Space Race 

- Use your nuclear arsenal to intimidate the opponent.

- A series of special rules will allow you to deploy special strategies like the “Domino Effect” and the “Communist sandwich”.

- All units, as a representation of actual persons, have their own skills and attributes that make them unique.

- The game features a series of random events that in the most part are real events of the cold war era.